Painting of rainbow ombre zigzag, made by Camille Gerrick

What Makes Me Feel Inspired?

Where do you look for inspiration?

For a long time, I told myself that looking at Pinterest or scrolling Instagram made me feel inspired.

But, I've come to realize that the opposite is true.  Spending time scrolling social media actually sucks the life outta me!

I fall into these scroll holes, knowing that I'm not enjoying what I'm doing.  But I can't seem to stop!  The choke hold that Instagram has on me is unreal.

illustration of rainbow ombre zigzag, made by Camille Gerrick

I'd like to talk about what DOES make me feel inspired, and what I'm doing when I usually get my best ideas.

Unsurprisingly, one place that ideas love to linger is in the shower.  They swirl around in the steam and hit me so hard that sometimes I forget to wash the shampoo out of my hair!  If I'm not careful to keep it in my mind, I'll lose the idea.

Another time that I get ideas is during my morning commute to work.  After I drop Ember off at school, I drive several miles along a gently curving road with no stoplights.  It's lined with trees and I feel very peaceful and relaxed.  I enjoy this quiet moment of the day to reflect on what my plans are for the studio that evening.

I also find inspiration during my walks around the neighborhood.  Moving my body, taking in the greenery, and feeling the breeze on my face makes me feel inspired.  I often like to listen to an audiobook or podcast on my iPod during my walks - I don't ever take my phone, because having access to the internet is too distracting.  Sometimes, I have to stop and make a note or take a picture while I'm in the middle of the sidewalk.

Finally, I get a lot of ideas while drifting off to sleep at night!  I'd like to dedicate a whole post to this so keep an eye on your email for my next installment!

How about you?  Do you find social media inspiring or deflating?  Where do you think that ideas are lingering?

illustration of rainbow spectrum wiggles made by Camille Gerrick

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